Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ottawa Renovations for Accessibility & Aging at Home

Welcome to our blog and thank you for visiting.     This is our first post and I wanted to take this time to introduce ourselves.        

For the past 18 years, I have been working in senior's housing and my husband Mathieu Monfils and his family have been working in residential remodeling.     A typical conversation at our house is anything to do with renovations or seniors.     One summer day on our back deck we were talking about how no one actually wants to move to a retirement residence.      (See my job previously was a Corporate Director of Sales, so it was my sole task to train sales people to convince people to move.)

So we both said why not help senior's stay home by renovating for accessibility.    We understand it does not necessarily prevent the need to move but can delay it.       Since then we have become experts in accessible housing design.     We have developed strong relationships with occupational therapists, elevating devices specialists, universal designers etc....    We also have gained an education as Canadian Specialist of Accessible Housing Design from Mount Royale University in Calgary.       We have developed a strong understanding of accessible codes and standards.

We call our renovations "Beautiful Barrier-Free" as we wish to add value to your home but create a safe, independent and accessible environment which will bring quality of life.

As an added bonus I provide free consulting to anyone uncertain if they should age at home or relocate to a retirement home.      Navigating senior's resources, housing and care, can be time consuming and stressful.     I am most happy to help weigh all the options.  

To find out more about us please visit us at any of our family websites